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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 28, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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when you think this is the winning ticket for republicans? ted cruz makes a last ditch effort to stop donald trum from winning his parties nomination but we will show you why critics say the movies a little premature. good morning. i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. katie is tracking the threat of rain later today and timing out showers but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> i was running and just someone grabbed my behind, 13 to 16 years old. >> residents of philadelphia are on alert after a recent string of attacks. those attacks range from a violent robbery to an attempted rape. they need to stop. that they need to get arrested too. >> family of the 16 year-old killed in the local high
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school bathroom says, scammers are trying to benefit from the teenager's death. a philadelphia police source tells "eyewitness news" that officers stormed the wrong house, taking an innocent family into custody. it happened early yesterday morning on the 6300 block of elmwood avenue in southwest philadelphia. i am prepared to stand by his side. >> ted cruz names a vice-presidential running mate, the republican presidential candidate introduced formal rival carli fiorina during a rally in indianapolis. >> listen up ted, you called a basketball hoop, a ring, there is in crying in sportball. leave it all out in the place. winning isn't the only authentic it is the only stuff. >> ted cruz taking heat for calling a basketball hoop a ring at a recent rally, of all places, indiana. >> colbert is so opened to being weird, sometimes. >> he embraces it.
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>> katie, she's live on the sky deck the. how does the feel out there. >> it is cool, just about as cool as it was this same time yesterday but we will not see much rebound. we certainly didn't yesterday either. we're entering into what i call pay back for all that gorgeous, sunny weather we have enjoyed as ovulate because it looks like a string of daises coming up and will feature wet weather. at the moment storm scan is clouded. we have clouds overhead, every where but we will see off to the south and west, the virginia, featuring some showers and that is all heading our way. so by the time we hit the lunch hour at least far western and far, you know, western local half of the delaware and also the inland suburbs outside of philadelphia we will start to see the showers moving in. taking a look at the area temperatures, yeah, it is off to a chilly start. toy suggest a jacket the at least an extra layer here. 38 degrees at mount pocono. forty-four in trenton. down to these shore towns we have still not only persistent northeast wind flow but definitely a well define northeast wind flow that is keeping temperatures at bay
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here. and as we go throughout the day, you can expect more cloud then anything, very limited sun, if it is out there the a all and by 3:00 p.m. we are flirting with 60. we think we have a shot to get there but it is a cool day, craze that i 50 degrees feels cool but regardless it will. with scattered showers and steady rain today i do suggest you walk out with an umbrella because you will thank yourself later. as i mentioned four of the next five days featuring some wet weather here. we will tell you which ones, actually stay dry in the seven day, coming up later in the show and also when do we finally warm up again. all those answers and more coming up. >> that is what i want to hear when will we warm up again, happy thursday, take a look, i-95, north at the 452 southbound side where we had problems earlier, crews were blocking lanes and it was a snail's pace. as you can see now moving toward delaware state line looking good. all that tension is now gone, volume levels are not there either. basically anywhere in delaware county we're looking, things
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are looking good. crews moved off to the shield fur not out of your way by now. that is great news. blue route passed mid county looking good, really good, this is what i want to see holding steady toward that 6:00 o'clock on a thursday morning. overall, on the blue route that is what it is looking like, looking good. boulevard at fox street this is what you are looking at. early risers hitting the roadways but everybody traveling at posted speeds around 55 miles an hour. an accident here northeast extension, southbound, so make note of this. not causing any slow downs yet but it can fit does not get moved out of the the way. we have construction here county line road both directions between jacksonville road and second street in hat hatboro, make note of this as well because that can slow us down as we push towards that 6:00 o'clock hour. brooke, back over to you. focus in campaign 2016 is shifting to the next big prize, of course, california. >> yes. >> that state's primary is june 7th. right now donald trump and bernie sanders are campaigning there today. >> trump says his campaign is just about to put ate way and win the republican nomination
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but as craig boswell reports, rival ted cruz is bringing in a surprise reenforcement and bringing in his even trump card. >> reporter: donald trump told a crowd in indiana his rival ted cruz made history when he prematurely teamed up with carli fiorina. >> he is the presidential candidate in the the history of this country, whose mathematically eliminated from becoming president, who chose a vice-president candidate, okay. >> cruz a announced fiorina as a running mate after. >> ted cruz purpose, my purpose is to unify the party. by talking about the things that matter. >> reporter: trump stuck to the issues earlier wednesday, delivering a foreign policy speech to an invited audience in washington. >> the republican and democratic front runners are trying to shift from primary mode to the yen election and they are also targeting one another. >> hillary, hillary. >> reporter: clinton is taking
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exception to trump's comment that she plays would the man card. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave, equal pay is playing the women card, then deal me in. >> reporter: bernie sanders campaign laid off hundreds of field staffers wednesday but he is in the giving up. >> you know what, unusual things happen in politics. >> reporter: sanners aid say they are using most of the resources on winning california in june. craig boswell on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the fbi says it will in the disclose details about the the way they gained access to the encrypted iphone of the one of the san bernardino terrorist. agency says, they kept it to themselves. government usually shares those issues with manufacturers. the fbi spent more than a million-dollar on services of an undisclosed third party to gain access to the phone. all right. it is now 5:36. in business news this morning, parents, you could have some money on the way. >> and space x wanting to
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where no one has gone before, money watch's hena daniels joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, good morning, hen a. >> good morning. federal reservists leaving interest rates as is for right now n a statement after their latest policy meet ago this ended yesterday the fed pointed to a global economic slow down. some analyst expect the fed will raise rates again in june. on wall street the dow jones jumped 51 points, nasdaq fell 25. space x is now aiming for mars. the california company plans to send an unmaimed capsule to land on the red planet as early as 2018, the company is already using its craft to resupply the international space station. space x hopes to be flying america to the orbiting lab next year. amazon may have to pay back parents whose kid made in app purchases without their permission. fcc filed a lawsuit against amazon, apple and google in 2014. amazon refused to settle. a federal judge just ruled
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wednesday that amazon is liable for those purchases, and all three companies have changed their policies and require a pass word before purchases can be made. brooke and jim? >> thanks so much, we appreciate it. we all know dangers of the texting while driving but now, we're learning how a specific phone app may actually be contributing to crashes. >> it centers around a filter on snap chat as brooke silva-braga reports the internet sharing service is facing legal trouble. >> reporter: this image showing crystal mcgee bleeding with the caption lucky to be live was posted to snap chat, moments after her car collided with an suv. attorneys for the crash victims are suing mcgee and snap chat, saying that the 2015 incident wouldn't have happened had it in the been for the app's speed filter which record how fast a user is going and shares it with friends. students at georgia state, know all about it. >> i just think, ride their bike, driving or in the car.
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>> i don't think it is very safe but unless you are not the one in the car driving. >> reporter: eighteen year-old mcgee was driving with three friend in the cara long this stretch of highway outside atlanta where the speed limit is 45 miles an hour. in a lawsuit filed this week attorneys say mcgee was going 107 miles an hour at the moment of the crash leaving the other driver with permanent brain damage. >> she shouldn't have been snap chatting and driving on the freeway. >> reporter: lawyers argue that the filter encourages dangerous driving. snap chat points out it comes with an on screen warning writing no snap is more important than someone's safety. we discourage our community from using speed filter while driving. brooke silva-braga for cbs-3 eye witt pest news. trouble in paradise see the frightening moment on the beach in had hawaii. plus, i know it is in the asking for a cup of sugar but i got to be around for these kid. >> he is a single dad with a
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special request. we have unique way he is hoping to find someone to save his life. good morning, pat? good morning, brooke. i'm here outside franklin field, it is three days of the best at lets in the world here at the penn relays, oldest and largest track and field event in the country and i think i have found the best of the the best, coming up, while you need to know the ♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america.
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penn relays are underway for the 122nd time. >> thousands of athletes will compete in track and field events, all weekend. our pat gallen is live, at franklin field, to introduce us to one of the talented athletes. pat? good morning, jim and brooke, the penn relays had been held since 1895, a long time and over the years thousands of the best athletes in the the country have come, actually around the world have come to the campus of the university of pennsylvania, but one man in particular taking part in this years event might be the best all time at a little known sport, his name is sam mattus. it is a sport over 3,000 years old. but someone in our own backyard has become one of the best ever, at the diskus throw. the university of pennsylvania
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sam mattus ace an impressive athlete, he has had the best collegiate season in the history of the sport but what is the diskus. >> not a very well compensated or well known event. i guess it started with the greeks but it is just a big disk kind of thing in the shape of the plate. >> reporter: sam makes it sound simple and in competition he made it look easy. but is what so impressive is sam's built to excel at penn's wharton school have business while having a full-time job as an athlete. >> thirty, 35 hours an week when not including traveling, and meets. it is a lot. >> he loves to work hard. he loves to train. you you never, ever have to ask him for more. >> reporter: sam's special work ethic has translated, he was 2015 ncaa mens champion and his record speed for himself. >> right now my best is 67 meters and 45 centimeters which is 221 feet and three and a half inches, so that was
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the ivy league record, the american collegiate record and second all time in the ncaa. >> reporter: it takes a special athlete to put up those marks, something i am not. >> overall you just want it to look like that. >> like this. >> yes. >> and then. >> like that. >> yeah. >> let me see here... >> i'm not ready for big leagues but sam is ready for the next step the olympic games. >> talk about that, shooting for ria this year. >> that has been the goal since i started throwing in eighth grady just didn't tell anybody until this year.
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>> reporter: sam is taking part in the mens diskus throw champion ship on saturday. he came in fourth in that event last year but he is 2015 mens ncaa champion in that event. he has impressive record as he mentioned, and of course, all weekend long start to go day at 10:00 a.m. festivities begin behind me here at franklin field. it will be a heck of a week even jim and brooke and he is a heck of an athlete. >> really cool, thanks for sharing that, pat. katie, how does weather look for the relay. >> i cannot promise it will look awesome, unfortunately, guys. it looks like it will be dreary for next couple of days here. there is a bright spot which we will discuss but at the moment, at least it is also dry and i do think it will stay dry at franklin field in time for the kick off of the relays but all of this, it is heading our way. so eventually showers, lightly pockets of steady rain are set to return and would i say right around lunchtime in philadelphia is when things get underway. the it will be sooner the further inland southwest you
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travel. that said, let's talk about the penn relays. there will be a couple bright spots in the forecast, starting off with at least the morning today and very likely the first, you know, half of tomorrow, it looks like it will stay dry. it will be cloudy and cool but more showers on the way there. saturday, also dry, so it could be worse we're not talking about a deluge or wash out for next couple days but there will be wet weather to track. the lets check with eyewitness weathernet work. we have a chill in the air for sure. it is 39 degrees right now a at alex's house, he has a couple of clouds right now in mays landing but in the pine barons and every where else there is a chill in the air. we will worry about these 30's in the more remote suburbs. lets go out to another suburb in southeastern pennsylvania, 43 degrees from steve johnson. i love this picture. sweet. 43 degrees. he did also give us a good suggestion dress like it is lake fall, i love this because it doesn't feel like spring out there right now. we can get to one more and we will take you out to medford
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where andrea was reporting a lot of clouds and other cast in the medford area inn a he said yes, he has his heater back on. hopefully air conditioning will be needed too. eventually we will see a warming trend that will take us a while because the next four or at least four of the next five days, do feature a chill in the air, damp weather, and a the lot of cloud. saturday is the bright spot of the next five, and then we should see things quiet down again and then also warm up, by next mid week, meisha? >> yeah, i know, i was going to say a lot of rain and that means a lot of hot coffee indoors, that is not a bad thing, right? good morning everybody. i-95 south accident moved off to the shoulder. this is what you are looking at the right now. we are starting to see a little bit of a gaper delay but also we're starting to see the volume levels increase as well. so basically 95 south at cottman with an accident pulled off to the shoulder, this is what you are looking at for those at home taking a peak at this thinking of heading out there here's a backup shot. ninety-five south approaching cottman around that s curve heading where that is pulled off to the shoulder, it is not, looking slow, but not looking that bad all things
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considered. it could look worse. hang in tight. you will see brake lights letting you know you are traveling less that be 55 miles an hour. delaware county 95 north at 452 looking great, looking in the southbound direction for those maybe tweeting good morning saying what is going on in delaware county. those crews have moved out so we are looking is in here, looking dairy say it, pretty slow there. not too much going on. people may be home, in the road looking great, accident northeast extension southbound before quakertown make note that is there, construction, hatboro, and, all cleared, brooke, back over to you. a calm day in the beach just turned crazy for beach goers in hawaii, this video shows what meteorologist call a dust devil and it took over the beach. visitors scrambled and several umbrellas threw through the air. these dust devils can happen near buildings or in opened field, basically anywhere it is windy. here's a scary surprise for louisiana family.
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>> flood waters made it inside their home and so did the live alligator. alligator didn't want to leave the home. >> no. >> under construction near new orleans, alligator hunters were called in and tied up the huge reptile and moved it out, the home owner and the hunter were both impressed. >> i got closer and said what in the devil is that? i got closer. big alligator. >> it freaked me out thinking how did that get the in here and what is he doing good what in the devil. >> experts say the birds and bees are to blame for unexpect visit, they say it is, mating season and gator was looking for a date. >> how close you have to to get to realize it is a gator. >> that would have, i would have been out the door before you could count to three. >> we have three things you need to necessity today. >> talk about easy exercise best way to get fit in just 60, seconds. sign me up. we will be right back.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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a delaware main hopes his sign to catch the eye of the kidney donor. >> dave, put up this message under the ibew local 313 sign in new castle. the single father of three has a disease that effects his kidneys and he knew he had to
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get creative. >> i have a hereditary genetic disease called poliosis particular kidney disease, pkd, basically where thousands of cysts, grow on my kidneys and just deteriorates them. >> gift of life program encouraging people to register as organ donors when they renewed their driver's license. brooke and i are both donors. april is donate life month. there are almost 5,000 people in our region alone waiting for a kidney and the wait could be four or five years. z ika virus culled come as far north as philadelphia this sum's cord to go scientists with nasa. the map highlights areas with the the highest risk factors and that includes part of the south and eastern u. is. the sciences hope the map will help them isolate spread of the virus. on the healthwatch, you no longer have an excuse to say you don't have time to exercise. researchers in canada found one single will minute of hard
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core exercise can have benefit of 45 minutes of moderate exercise. >> hello. >> did you hear that. >> yes. >> all it take is 60 minutes all out exercise to improve your body, so get up, and get moving. meisha shaking her head up there. >> count me in. >> we're counting down to this years race for the cure. you still have time to sign up. cbs-3 is a proud sponsor and supporter of susan komen in the fight geeps breast cancers. join us atco men philadelphia race for the cure mothers day sunday may eighth, come walk or run with us by registering at cbs everyone who registers to walk or run with team cbs-3 will receive a, special commemorative t-shirt. we hope to see you there mothers day. we will share information on the facebook and twitter feed. >> before you head out the door here's what you need to know, it three is to go. >> family of the 16 year-old girl killed in the wilmington high school says, scammers are trying to cash in on her death. we are still waiting to find
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out if anyone will face charges. eagles have the second pick in the draft, and we will see who they take just after 8:00 o'clock tonight. four new baby leamers make their debut at the philadelphia zoo today, they were born back in february, you can check them out at 10:30 this morning and that is three to go. meanwhile coming up in the next hour of bs3 "eyewitness news" three is on your side with smarter ways to pack on your next trip, so you don't get socked with extra baggage fees. new details are released in the investigation into prince's death, plus, he doesn't look like he had a will so we will talk about the documents you should have in order for your family. coming up.
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she was allegedly beaten inside of her high school and authorities warn about people trying to cash in on i adele wear teenager's death, we are live with details of the scam and latest on possible charges being filed in the case. we have new information on the death of prince. we will show you what police say was found inside his possession. say it isn't so keep that umbrella handy, katie is
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tracking several more chances of rain, find out when and if we're at risk for severe weather. today is thursday, april 28th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. aim brooke thomas. happy friday eve. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things. >> friday eve, i just love hearing that. >> yeah. >> minor accident i-95 south right around cottman but pulled off to the shoulder. >> thankfully things are definitely dry for now. that is set to change, we saw wet weather on storm scan making a a beeline for us. isn't that beautiful. beautiful sunrise, because of the wet weather that is on the way. you know red sky warning, yep, we have got wet weather starting to move in here guys but with that cloud deck, we have the mess beautiful colors this is from our very own station headquarters overlooking spring garden and broad street, but we had to show you this sky, isn't that lovely. lets look at storm scan and what that translate too looking at satellite picture.


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